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Buying a house is very often a difficult task. It is a lengthy and complicated business, which while exciting is often fraught with stress and worry especially in Britain because it could be notoriously drawn-out business.

It is very important to known the process of home buying in England, understanding the laws and regulations in use that will help you avoid some of the most common hazards. But one the best ways to make your decisions buying a property or a home is consulting to Estate agents who will give you the best options for your needs.

Consider that Estate agents provide advice and property details to buyers, but the first thing that they do is to get the best deal for the seller, who is the agent’s client. As a buyer, you are the agent’s client only if you are paying the agent to find a property for you.

Be sure what are you buying or renting, the Estate agent can provide a written description of the property (known as property particulars) to give you an idea of what a property is like.

You may see these terms in property particulars:

  • Freehold – the seller has full ownership and the right to sell the property. Most houses are freehold;
  • Leasehold – the seller has a lease on the property for a set time period. The seller can sell the remaining time on the lease but the property is actually owned by a freeholder. Most flats are leasehold.

Once you have decided for any property the next step is go and see it. If you have interested to purchase the property you will have to make an offer first through the Estate agent and this must to pass it to the seller promptly and in writing.

Although the seller has accepted the offer, that do not means contract is binding. The buyer can still receiving and accepting other offers, or both you and the seller can renegotiate the price and any conditions of the sale right up to the point when contracts are exchanged or accepted.

If your offer is accepted and both parts buyer and seller agree then the Estate agent will give you help and make the next procedures to complete the transaction.

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